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Sometimes through age or by accident, individuals become incapable of making good decisions on their own behalf. When self-care or sound financial choices are not possible, people become vulnerable to elder abuse. With a strong commitment to the fair treatment and dignity of each individual, Kassoff, Robert & Lerner, LLP helps individuals and families explore options such as guardianship to provide safe, needed care for loved ones.

Getting to guardianship

Part of estate planning is the preparation of documents providing direction for care in the event of incapacitation. Powers of attorney and healthcare proxies are necessary for any person over 18 in case of traumatic injury, sudden illness or other disability.

Making decisions about medical care, financial and residential management while you are able to is important. Without these planning documents, family members and loved ones are left struggling to make decisions, find care and do their best under difficult circumstances. With extensive advocacy experience, our guardianship attorneys in Long Island help you make good decisions for disabled loved ones.

The guardianship process in New York

Under Article 81 of the New York Mental Hygiene Law, appointment of a guardian is made after an evaluative process to determine their true functional ability. By statute, New York State promotes the least restrictive form of intervention to aid incapacitated individuals. A guardian may be appointed when the following factors are found:

  • A person is unable to manage personal care, property or finances
  • The person is unable to comprehend the consequences of those inabilities

When needed, we help you initiate, or respond to, the guardianship process and provide knowledgeable representation throughout the evaluation by gathering facts, evidence and offering workable guardianship alternatives like the following:

  • Trusts
  • Joint banking arrangements
  • Orders of protection

Our knowledge of Social Security laws in Long Island and New York can speed the processing of needed disability or other benefits. Judge Kassoff served as a guardian judge for more than 20 years, while attorneys Robert and Lerner currently serve as guardians when appointed by the court. We know exactly what it takes to protect your loved ones, because we perform those actions ourselves.

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With over 100 years combined legal experience, Kassoff, Robert & Lerner, LLP is a highly reputable law firm serving clients with elder care, special needs and disability concerns.

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